We are a dental products company founded in 2020 in the heart of the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Each member of our team are passionate about revolutionizing the dental space and fixated on innovation! No me-too products. We're out to solve problems for dentists! We currently specialize in dental evacuation equipment to keep hazardous or infectious particulates created by high speed hand-pieces, ultrasonic scalers, and air/water syringes. We believe every dental office should be utilizing aerosol suctioning units and that it has become the standard of care. 


Heart. Support. Innovation. The customer and the dentist are our priority. We believe the dental operatory should be a place where problems are solved and patients are happy. As problem solvers our goal is to fix issues that may arise and be forward thinking enough to reduce problems before they arise. Close to our heart is Personal Development. Each team member is always learning and undergoing training to better help themselves personally and professionally.
This is something we refuse to be second best at. 


Our development team is made up of incredibly talented individuals whose background, experience and grit are next to none. They show up daily ready to radically change the dental space, and we are so proud to have them with us.
The future of OCTOdent shines brightly and the value that we place in R&D will no doubt lead to a dental industry revolutionized by our efforts!


Everything that we're doing is working towards the company that we will be...our goal is and has always been to be a global dental products brand. With a pipeline full of products preparing to launch and a team ever growing in size and knowledge, we're about to take this industry by storm!


Chad Jensen, DMD

Founder, OCTOdent


Danielle House 

Chief Executive Officer

Jerad Moffitt

Chief Technology Officer 

jamey elliott

Director of Development Operations

sherry harris

Dental Sales Executive

courtney schweibert

Design Engineer

daniel servansky

Principal Product Design Engineer

erika watson

Brand Success Strategist

stacey rudd

Project Manager