Before you buy a Extraoral Dental Suction.

1. Look at the CFM's. If the competitor's unit has less than 120 CFM, you will be disappointed, no matter how many kPa's or watts they have. See Research Blog on CFM vs kPa. Watts are a measure of energy usage, not a measure of how well the unit works. You could use 1000 watts and not get very many CFM's. Do not get fooled by high kPa values. This is a measure of liquid water lift, not aerosols. You need at least 120 CFM for proper aerosol suctioning.

2. We are a USA company based out of Arkansas. Call our team and talk with them, they are great people. We service and support our products in Harrison, Arkansas. Don't fall for poorly made foreign products and companies that don't stand by or support their product.

3. Don't buy a unit that doesn't have a UV-C Light. This is a critical must have for disinfection. Make sure that it has a minimum of 10 watts. Our XT unit has 20 watts. Intensity is very important when exposure time is low.

4. Do not buy a unit that doesn't have PLASMACLEAR™ Technology, harnessing the power of hydroxyls to clean your air. See Research Post: PLASMACLEAR™ Technology.

5. Don't buy a unit that is tall and skinny, it is common that the filters are small and inadequate. They also tip over easily.

6. Don't buy a unit that they won't let you return if you don't like it! 

7. Don't buy imitations or knock-offs of our genuine OCTOdent product.

8. Don't buy a unit with a centipede or bamboo hose. They are impossible to clean with all their cracks and crevices. They lose their ability to hold themselves up overtime and droop onto the patient's face, onto your drill or ultrasonic scaler. Companies like these because they are cheap to manufacture.